Why BJP’s Adwords Campaign Failed

We saw Advani becoming Ad -Vani with his aggressive adwords campaign targeting every indian site. At one point there were only his ads on every site we browsed.

The first and foremost reason it failed – We hate Ads.

Advani is not a new product on the market which needs to spend millions of dollars. We all know who that bugger is. He needs no branding.

What he could have done online is to try and connect to the people in a non intrusive manner. He could have mobilized the bloggers who thinks we need to drive out every Muslim and Christian out of this country.

He also could have addressed a few developmental issues rather than going behind the age old myth of Babari Masjid. Its an old cow, almost dead. You cant milk it again and again.

His blog was one of the worst blogs Ive ever read. Long posts with really small font. Somebody made some money out of it, but all wasted.

@Advani – Next time if you are alive and healthy enough to contest, hire someone with some common sense to manage your campaigns.

Check a few twitter responses about his ad campaign

surajkala: I am glad Congress won .. Atleast we wont be bombarded with AD-vani sucking ads for next 5 yrs ..

santoshp: FU BJP FU! what the fuck happend to your Adwords campaign which tortured us on every website.. ”Advani as PM”.. LMAO

ankurb: Advani must be repenting spending all his pension money on Google AdWords. Now he won’t be able to afford that retirement home in Kerala.

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