Ubuntu Linux – My First Experience

Posted By :- Jyothi M John

Hey Guys – I am writing a post after a long time. This time I got my hands on Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu Linux is the Best Desktop Solution from linux that I have ever seen. You can download Ubuntu Linux from www.ubuntu.com . Installation is very smooth – it boot into a live desktop before you start installation – from which you can check out most of the installed S/W. Even after you have started the Installation, it asks you very few questions – the keyboard type – region – how do you want to partition the hard drive – and finally users and password. The installation almost took an hour.

Ubuntu Desktop

All the hardware is automatically recognized. But if you want to use the advanced functionality of some of the hardware for which proper linux drivers were not released – you will have to enable restricted drivers. I will come to that later, but first the features that it comes loaded with – Open office Suit -for all your office documents, Firefox – Web Browsing, Evolution – email, Gimp – graphics editing, some games, and a few other standard programs. It comes integrated with Samba – and picks up any windows network in jiffy.

You should not have any problems again with your peripherals like printers and smart phones and cameras, if Ubuntu does not have a driver on it, it will try and search and download by itself. Only if you are using some very rare kind of hardware, is that you will run into trouble.

There is an interesting part in add remove programs under preferences – Restricted download and community maintained download. A lot of current applications and drivers that we use under Windows are copyrighted material. Like for example the DVD – decoding codect or the MP3 codect or some of the drivers for Nvidia Graphics. Since none of the copyright holders are willing give their stuff away for free – somebody sat and decompiled the windows version and wrote a new one for Linux. Once you enable the Restricted and community download – all this is available for automatic download and install.

And if you know how to play around with the configuration files – you can get a lot of other things to work – Like you can download WINE and install – which will allow you to run most of the standard windows programs on Linux (MS Office, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, NFS), Get your multichannel sound working…

Try it out and leave me your comments…

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