TataIndicom USB internet configuration in Linux

Many of us have USB internet dongles from TataIndicom or Reliance. Here is how you can configure it to work with linux.

Edit the /etc/wvdial.conf file to add these extra lines.

[Dialer Defaults]

Dial Command = ATDT
Dial Command = ATDT
Flow Control= Hardware (CRTSCTS)
Username = internet
Password = internet
Phone = #777
Stupid Mode = 1

The line  Modem=/dev/ttyUSB0 needs to be changed according to your machine settings. To find out the exact device, follow the procedure.

  1. unplug the device
  2. goto /dev/
  3. plug the device
  4. type ls and find the latest device detected
  5. replace the /dev/ttyUSB0 with the new device path

For TataIndicom all the above settings including the phone number, username and password are correct. You need not change anything except for the modem name.

Ping me if you have any troubles configuring your wireless modem.

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