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BarCamp Kerala and an Interesting Attendee

Registration No 203 – Naked Truth “barcamp and the so called promoters are aimed at making only one thing…Money!!!! its […]

BarCamp Kerala 5 At Technopark

The fifth BarCamp Kerala meetup of the year is so on! Kerala’s biggest tech meetup is scheduled on 3rd May […]

BarCamp Kerala.. The Initial Moments

Though it is God’s Own Country, this even had no features of the usually morbid and never-on-time events that his […]

BarCamp Kolkata

The first BarCamp Kolkata is to be held on 3rd Januray 2009.This is the first of what is hopefully a […]

Osmosis – Unconference at MindTree

Osmosis is MindTree’s way of celebrating technology. We do this by showcasing achievements & innovations, collaboration through discussions, knowledge exchange […]

BarCamp Culture in Kerala Crosses the Tipping Point

When we planned for the first BarCamp in Kerala we faced a lot of trouble. We faced problems with the […]

BarCamp Kerala 3 on Dec 7

BarCamp Kerala 3 date and venue is finalized. Date :- Dec 7, 2008 Venue :- Cochin University of Science and […]

BarCamp Kerala 3 Under Planning

We are trying to finalise a venue in cochin. Your suggestion are welcome

BlogCamp Kerala MeMe

Anand started an interesting viral thing to promote blogcamp Kerala. Its called MeMe. The basic idea is to link up […]

ICamp Bangalore

Post by – Kenney Jacob and Padma Sathyamurthy LiveMint Coverage Innovation need not be ground breaking iCamp (23 February, Bangalore): […]

The Unconference Virus – Knowledge or Networking

I am infected with the unconference virus. I am attending and conducting unconferences. And every announcement of a new unconference […]

BlogCamp In Kerala

“Blogcamp in Kerala !!!!!!!! Seriously. ” This is the response I got from many when I talked to them about […]

BarCamp Kerala 2 – A Grand Success

I am very proud to announce that BarCamp Kerala 2 was a grand success. I am saying grand success because […]

BarCamp Kerala and LinuxFlash

The BarCamp day is tomorrow. The Wiki registrations stands at 10 sessions and 62 participants. There can be more sessions […]

BarCamp Kerala 2 – Map to the Venue

BarCamp Junior

We conducted the first barcamp in Kerala on Nov 24th and it created an interest among many in informal events. […]

BarCamp Kerala V 2.0

The first Barcamp in Kerala was a great success with 70+ attendees. There were 9 really good sessions. Mobshare Opensocial […]

BarCamp Kerala, Live Blogging Lunch Break

Now we are having lucnch break. Before lunch break, we had 2 more sessions. Introduction to Asterisk by Bipin (works  […]

BarCamp Kerala – Hurray, Webyantra covered us.

Just now I noticed an incoming activity on my wordpress dashboard. I visited the site and I was surprised to […]

BarCamp Kerala – The most active session – Leads Technologies

The third session is over just now. It was a demo of a small prototype developed by Leads Technologies, a […]

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