Kerala Blog Express – How it all started

2005, 2006 were the staring years of unconferences… happening across the world. Its an event with no specific agenda, participants and speakers just gather together at a venue and discussions happen. Every city started their own Barcamp franchise and in Kerala we started our own version of the same.
In 2008 after a few Barcamp Kerala events the idea of doing a blogcamp started within the blogging community in Kerala. After some brain storming sessions we decided to approach the Tourism department for help, we felt they would be the right sponsor for the event. The plan was to do a one day camp in Kerala for bloggers from across the country. We created a presentation explaining the idea, and went to meet Mr Sivsanker who was the tourism director then.
Mr Sivsanker is one of those maverick government people out there who loved new ideas and was comfortable experimenting. He instantly gave and approval. But that was not his major contribution to the event. He suggested that we do the camp in a houseboat and also arranged a huge houseboat for us. That made that event a signature bloggers event, something that never happened before. 120+ bloggers on a houseboat cruising through Kerala backwaters for one full day.
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After the success of that event we wanted to do a much bigger event inviting international bloggers, we started working on the concept of a blogcamp itself and over the years it evolved into a road trip. Finally we named in the “Kerala Blog Express”.
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The final planning started around an year back and finally here we are, 27 bloggers on a bus experiencing Kerala.
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