Communal elements always play the persecuted victim card

The reason I am writing this is a series of discussions that happened in Facebook and some other forums about various religious and communal matters. One thing I found in these discussions is that, communal elements always try to play the persecuted victim card. There is no exception, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus have manipulated their followers by portraying themselves as the victims of discrimination.  The leaders of the community will make sure that their followers always feel like a victim. Its a really strong bonding force which holds the community together, clouds its judgement and which can be easily exploited.

Sree padmanabha swamy temple

The whole argument around the temple tresure is based on incomplete information and this victim mentality. The Hindu community is made to feel that their wealth is being taken away from them. Many people ask why only Hindu temples are under government control. And then comes the communal argument, the government fears the Christians and the Muslims. Infact the government fears all religions.

Why are some temples under government control ?

It was the idea of of the royal family, during the reign of Maharani Gowri Lakshmi Bhai, many privately owned temples were taken over by the kingdom alleging mismangement. These temples became government property and when we got freedom the ownership came to the democratically elected government.

There are 2 important facts here. These temples were privately owned before the queen took over. The community did not own them. Whatever the king owned was transfered to the new democratically elected government.

Can these temples be given back to its previous owners ? If that happens a few old families in Kerala will become filthy rich.

Why is the court intervening in Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple

The temple is the asset of a Trust owned by the Royal family. Trusts are governed by Indian laws and they are required to have proper records for assets. In this case either the record was lost or it was never presented to the government. If there is such a record the royal family owns the entire treasure. If not it will be considered a treasure and the government will take over.

Who owns the churches and mosques ?

The Christian or Muslim community, the people who believe in those religions has got no control over their places of worship or its assets, They are controlled by a small group of people mostly the clergy. Legally such places are either registered as a trust or a society. The community has got no legal rights to these assets.

Should the government take over these assets ? Legally they cant. But if they make such a move I am totally for it. Both the clergy and the government are corrupt. Atleat with the government you can question, criticise and vote them out. If the government owns these properties, that money wont be directly channeled to spread hatered.

The business plan

There is a good business that anyone can start. Buy up 5 cents of land on the highway, build a place of worship there (infrastructure), hire a priest (employee), create a few poojas and offerings (products) and do some advertising. Its a busines which cannot fail. Its even better if you can concentrage on niche markets. Temples for people without children is an excellent businees opportunity.

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