Hello, My name is Kenney Jacob. I'm the co-founder of MobME Wireless & Ayruz Web Holdings.

A husband, father and an entrepreneur based in Kerala, India.

A wannabe capitalist with the mindset of a socialist, just like most of the Keralites. Very opinionated when it comes to politics and religion even though I dont have much faith in neither. Personally I have transformed from being a techie to an entrepreneur and if I stay on this course Ill be a middle man soon.

A confused student of economics, future law student, chartered accountant and business consultant. Law and finance controls pretty much everything in our lives.

Started this blog as a place to write about my experiments with technology, but it soon became a place where I vent about religious nonsense, social issues, politics and media hypocrisy. What you eat makes your body, what you read makes your mind. Read shitty newspapers and watch 24/7 news channels every day and thats what your mind is.


About the site

Mostly the type is set in Crimson Text for content and PT Sans for the titles. The site runs on WordPress engine with a custom theme designed by Ben Jacob. Slideshows showcased on my Speaking page are served via SlideShare.

If you’d like me to work on your project, speak at your event or just say hello, please feel free to get in touch via email.

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