Academic Project – A Means to Exploit Students ?????

A week back I was talking to a friend of mine in a college in central Travancore and he was complaining that his HOD is not allowing him to choose a project topic that he likes. The fellow wants to develop a GTK application. The HOD not only has got not any clue about GTK, but he insists that all the students join a particular institution in Cochin.

Having heard this I called up a few friends of mine in various colleges across Kerala. I was surprised to hear similar stories, especially from self financing colleges. I had a respect for self financing colleges cos of the opportunity they give to the students of Kerala. But if their management allows these kinds of HODs or staffs to exploit the students it will affect the colleges reputation.

I wont write any names here. But I want the students to comment their experience. If you had a bad experience with your project or seminar, or if you are being exploited in the name of it, write it down as a comment. Let the world know.

PS: I dont mind, you writing the name of the culprits in the comment box.

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